Tuesday, November 01, 2011

{ Happy Tuesday - Nov 1, 2011 }

Happy Tuesday :D
  • Mr. C finally let me play with his ipad + the wifi! Lots of fun free apps on the ipad now~~~ (I know I'm really late with this but I only come to the "i-thing" recently. The only other "i-thing" I have is an ipod nano 5... ) Anyway I especially like Labelbox (allows you to make labels for photos), Meeting Box (productivity app), Talking News (the one with Ben and Tom), Japan Life (a cute game with adorable graphics. I still have many others to play with. :D)
  • I think I have posted about the leather bag I made not so long ago but this time I used label box to spice it up. Nice.
  • I have also been watching videos and reading books about time management and GTD alot lately. One of things that really hits me is that I need to set up reward for myself when my daily and weekly todos are all done. I took a photo of all the yummy food I will get to eat as long as I finish off all the items on my list. Will see how it goes.

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