Thursday, November 24, 2011

{ What I MAde #19 - Leather Bookmark Nov 24, 11' }

What I MAde #19
Inspired by Cliprite.

What you need: a piece of scrap leather (mine is about 19cm x 2.5cm and 1mm thick), ruler, cutter, needles, nylon thread, some sort of punching tool. (I use a set of leather craft punching tools, but they can be easily replaced with other house hold items.)
Decide the words and font you would like to use before cutting the leather strip. You may need a larger or smaller piece. Leather strip can be replaced with fake leather as long as it is sturdy but not too thick.
  1. Punch holds along the side of the leather strip.
  2. Sew.
  3. Decide which side is the front side of the bookmark.
  4. Punch holes on the front side. Depending on the size of the strip. The distance between the punch holes is 4mm for mine.
  5. Sew in the letters.
  6. Cut a slot at the back, put a paper clip in.
  7. Sew at least 4 holes at the middle of the bookmark to hold it together.
  8. Done!
:D Sew in any letters you like and this will make a great gift for book lovers in your life.


  1. What an interesting project. Thank you for this excellent tutorial.

  2. This looks great!
    Thanks for sharing your steps...

  3. Nice! Thanks for sharing the how-to.

  4. great project and tutorial... it all turned out really well. xx

  5. What a fantastic personalized gift to make! Thanks for sharing such great instructions!

  6. It turned out great! Thanks for the step by step ~ :)