Wednesday, December 07, 2011

{ What I COoked up #2 - Caramel Apple Steam Bread}

What I COoked up #2 - Caramel Apple Steam Bread
I added caramel apple to the basic steam bread. This time I used golden granulated sugar instead of regular white sugar and Dr. Oetker baking powder instead of my old box at home. The bread turned out to be much  softer than the basic steam bread last time. :)
Ingredients for the basic steam bread:
  • 1 egg, sugar 40g, milk 60ml, flour 100g, baking powder 1 small teaspoon, salad oil 1 tablespoon * I use olive oil since that's what I have at home. (Enough to make 4  if you're using moulds with 7cm diameter and 3cm deep.)
  1. Add egg and sugar to a bowl, mix well.
  2. Add milk into the bowl, mix well.
  3. Add flour and baking powder to the mixture, mix again.
  4. Add salad oil to the mixture, mix so that it is smooth.
  5. Pour mixture into mould. * I use Muji silicon mould since I want something that can stored easily and reused.
  6. Place a steaming rack in a cooking-pan or cooking-pot then fill with hot water. * The water level should not be higher than your steaming rack. If you're using metal mould then fill water up to half the height of the metal mould and skip the steaming rack.
  7. Put mould carefully onto the rack.
  8. Boil water to steam, then change to medium-high heat to steam for 12-15 minutes. * Keep an eye on whether there is enough water for steaming!
  9. Use a wooden toothpick insert near the center of the steam bread. If it comes out clean, then the bread is done. If not continue to steam and add boiling water as needed.
  10. Add other ingredients to the mixture as you like. I have tried adding banana, caramel apple, onion and bacon, etc to the basic steam bun. Enjoy!

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