Saturday, February 04, 2012

{ What I MAde #24 - Leather Sketchbook }

 What I Made # 24 - Leather Sketchbook. 
I got a sketchbook for my trip to Cambodia. It contains lots of memories and has also became some sort of an art journal - sketchbook - idea book. When I came back to Hong Kong, I decided to make a leather cover for it since it is a very good size to work with, small enough to carry around all day, and can be replaced at a reasonable price. Here is what the end result looks like. I have also included a rough sketch of the pattern used here. 

Material needed: a piece of sturdy leather, sketch paper, scissor or cutter, wax thread, leather craft tool for punching holes, sewing needles, embellishment and snap button. 
  1. Take measurement of your notebook or sketchbook, mark down on a piece of paper. Mine is roughly 11.5cm x 15cm. Add 0.5cm margin to both the top and bottom. Wrap a piece of paper around the sketchbook and make sure you have enough material before cutting the leather.
  2. Take a rough measurement of your pens to determine where the cuts for pen slot are going to be, the width and length of the cut. (Part E of the sketch)
  3. Also determine where you would like to add embellishment on the cover, then mark down the measurement for the snap button strip  to be cut from the back cover ( Part F of the sketch )
  4. Cut out the paper and trace the measurement and marks onto a piece of leather.
  5. Punch holes and add on the embellishment, cut the pen slot and snap button strip. 
  6. Add the snap buttom, fold along the two lines and glue the margins together. (Part A and B together, same for part C and D) Wait till completely dry. Then punch holes along the 0.5cm margin line to sew the cover together.
  7. Finish!! Enjoy :) Experiment and see what different designs you can come up with.

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  1. I'm enthralled in your process. So simple and creative. Thanks for sharing. Terah