Friday, August 03, 2012

{ Inspirational Quotes Mini Zine #1 - Freebie Aug 2012 }

{ Inspirational Quotes Mini Zine #1 - Aug3, 2012 }
  • I started to make mini zine for a while since I have joined the Swap-bot swaps hosted by Miss Pickle. It is great fun and got me thinking what other topics can be turned into a mini zine format. I drew up a mind map and one of the ideas pops out. Why not do a mini zine for Inspirational Quotes to help encourage others! So I made one and put it up for download. Feel Free to download it and leave me some feedback so it can be improved and be turned into a larger zine. :)
Right click the photo to download. For a tutorial on how to make a mini zine. Check out this video.


  1. Oh, thank you for giving us a digi copy of your mini zine. I'm always looking for inspiring quotes. LOVE your drawings and the way you've put it all together. Bravo! : )

  2. Thanks Helga, I'm glad that you like the mini zine. :)