Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{ What I MAde - Goal Cards. Oct 23, 2012 }

{ What I MAde - Goal Cards. Oct 30, 2012 }
As I mentioned before, I have finished reading Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want -- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible and am working on my set of goals. One of the exercises is to create a deck of Goal Cards. Here is mine using blank notecards, graph paper and MT tapes that I have around my home. A few pointers from the book when creating your goals:
  • Write your goals with the "3P" in mind: Use personal, positive and present tense when writing goal statements. For example: I'm super healthy and run marathon in 2013.
  • After you finish writing down your goals on paper, try to visualize them. Imagine how it feels like to have achieved those goals. Then act as if you have already achieved them. (You may want to do a vision board to help visualize your goals.)
  • Create a set of goal cards so you can remind yourself of your goals whenever you need to.
  • Brainstorming: Do brainstorming often on problems you encounter and on how you can achieve your goals. Pick one of your most important goals and come up with 20 ideas of what you can do to move towards that goal.
  • Pick some of the ideas you just come up with and act on them immediately.
  • Do the brainstorming often to exercise your mental power. The more you do the exericse, the easier it gets. It will make a difference in your career and your life when you are able to contribute new ideas and act quickly on them.
I will post more notes from the book later on since I think it is very useful.

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