Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{ Grateful Journal - Nov 14, 2012 }

{ Grateful Journal - Nov 14, 2012 }
  • Grateful for the new dish that I learnt to cook, Teriyaki Chicken. It is really delicious. :D
  • Grateful for having a Eslite store in Hong Kong. I finally got to visit it and got something that I dream of for a long time. Hobo 2013 planner. I will write more about it later on.
  • Grateful for the delicious lunch we had at the Panda Hotel on Sunday. The food is excellent an the price is a bit expensive but reasonable for the quality.
  • Grateful for the delicious soups that Mr. C made for us.
  • Grateful for the nice weather that we're having here in Hong Kong. Even though it is November already, our roof garden is still blooming.
  • Grateful for all the wonderful inspirations from the internet.
  • Grateful for all the love around us. Take Care.
{ 感恩日誌 - Nov 14, 2012 }
  • 感恩: 我學會了做的新菜 -- 照燒雞。非常好吃!
  • 感恩: 誠品在香港開店,我終於參觀到了。然後我買了夢想很久的東西-- Hobo 2013手帳。
  • 感恩: 上週日,我們在悅來酒店吃的美味午餐。價格是有點貴,但好好吃。(悅來酒店英文名稱叫Panda Hotel =熊貓酒店. XD)
  • 感恩: C先生特別下廚煮湯。
  • 感恩: 美好的天氣,雖然已經是十一月,但我們的屋頂花園依舊綻放。
  • 感恩: 所有在我們身邊的愛。

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