Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{ Monthly Planner ~ October 2012 Update }

{ Monthly Planner ~ October Update }
I have been using my new 2013 monthly planner since October. Thought it may be fun to share what my October looks like on paper. (Also because I'm kinda obsessed about planner, notebooks and stationery in general. :D ) The first photo shows the cover of my new planner and the second photos is my October page. It makes me happy just to look at my pages.
I use color coding in my planner for different things and events. Then add stickers, masking tape, drawings to my pages. The kitty memo on top is for recording my achievements or special moments for that month.  
Please comment to share how you use your planner and what yours looks like. Take Care :)
{ 手帳分享 ~ 10月2012 }
我從今年10月起一直在用新的2013手帳。以前也有斷斷續續的寫手帳或做 Art Journal (有興趣請按 Gallery看看) , 但自從在網上看到很多手帳達人的分享後就決定要 "認真玩手帳"! 來看看我的10月是怎樣的吧!
我寫手帳時會用顏色分類, 再加貼紙, 紙膠帶, 各種剪貼及繪圖。左上面的貓咪印章小雞的作品, 右面的貓咪便利貼通常寫上那一個月達成的大目標及有紀念價值的事。10月作為第一個月, 實在沒什麼看頭... (11月應核會有比較多插圖 :D) 


  1. Thanks, glad you like it.:) Do you use a planner?