Saturday, December 01, 2012

{ Monthly Planner - November 2012 十一月手帳分享 }

{ Monthly Planner - November 2012 Update }
  • I went to watch the First Emperor of China Exhibition in TST in Novemebr and even got a rolling stamp from the museum.
  • I also went to the Space Museum to watch the Tales of the Maya Skies.
  • Ate hairy crab on the 26th November!!
  • We celebrated Mr. C's Birthday at Heritage 1881 restaurant on the 27th of November. 
  • We finally went to watch the movie, Coldwar.
  • I use MT tape and Deco Rush to decorate my planner with doodles. It makes me happy to look back at my planner and most certainly remember what happens on any particular day.
{ 手帳分享 ~ 十一月2012 }
  • 我十一月去TST看秦始皇帝兵馬俑展覽,甚至買了一個兵馬俑印章。也去了香港太空館的瑪雅天空看的故事。
  • 11月26日吃大閘蟹!
  • 我們11月27日於隆濤院慶祝C先生的生日。
  • 我們終於去看電影Coldwar
  • 我用 MT紙膠帶 和 Deco Rush 花膠帶來裝飾我的手帳。現在,當我回頭看手帳時,一定記得在某一天會發生什麼,讓我心情大好。

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