Monday, December 03, 2012

{ Traveler's Post Card Campaign 2012 Limited Stamp }

{ Traveler's Post Card Campaign 2012 Limited Stamp }
It is finally here!! My gosh! Way back in October, I found out that I won the Traveler's Post Card Campaign. I don't remember whether I have mentioned it at all, but the prize is finally here! (The Traveler's Notebook is from a Japanese company, DesignPhil Inc. . They're gaining popularity in Asia especially in Taiwan. The Post Card Campaign is opened worldwide and the theme of 2012 is "recommended travel spot". My post card is about my trip to Cambodia in January 2012. The prize is a limited edition stamp from Traveler's Notebook. (A normal Traveler's Notebook stamp is quite pricy therefore I don't have one... so you can imagine how excited I am to have won one of these babies!) I'm obsessed with anything "travel-related" so love love this and going to use this to stamp all of my notebooks and travel journals.
{ 旅人手帳 明信片2012 飛機印章 }
終於來了!我的天哪!10月,我贏了旅人手帳明信片2012活動,獎品終於來了!(限量的飛機印章!) 2012年的明信片活動主題是“推薦的旅遊點,我的明信片是關於2012年1月柬埔寨的旅行。我用飛機印章來印我的無印良品手帳和筆記本 :D

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