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{ $100 a Week Savings Swap - 2013 }

{ $100 a Week Savings Swap - 2013}
I signed up for the 10/20/30 a Week Savings swap back in December 2012. I become much more aware of where my money is going when I moved back to HK a few years ago. I record my spending in a small notebook and review it regularly. I did successfully cut back on:
  1. The drinks I got from Starbuck or Pacific Coffee. I only reward myself with a small cup of hot chocolate once a month now.
  2. The magazines I bought. I used to purchase a $12HKD travel magazine and a $10HKD trendy magazine weekly. As I witnessed the magazine pile growing taller in my tiny apartment, I decided it is time to cut back. I cleared away the clutter and saved myself some money.
  3. The candy I ate. I become more health conscious a few years ago when I started to take chinese medicine and realized I was eating way too much sugar and junk food. So now I only reward myself with a small bag of biscuit or candy once a month now. I have not noticed any dramatic changes to my body but it is a good start for my health in the long run.
I have not come up with an actual amount of money I saved by doing these cut backs but I do think it is a good start. In 2013, I decided to take a step further by joining the savings swap since I would like to save more money for my goals and it is easier to achieve this by making myself responsible to report my progress here and to a swap partner.
To make it more fun, I will make a weekly deposit of $100 HKD to my saving account, doodle on the record slip (after I made sure the money is safe in my account) and blog about it here and on the Project 2013 page. I will update  it once a month and do a big fat post about it at the end of the year when I'm $5200HKD richer. :D
What are you doing to make saving fun?

{ 一週儲100元 - 2013年}
我在2012年12月加入了 10/20/30 a Week Savings 。因為我幾年搬回HK自己生活,我變得更加注意我的錢去那。所以我記錄自己的支出並定期檢討。在2012年我成功地cutback了:
  1. 星巴克和太平洋咖啡的飲料。現在我只每月獎勵自己一小杯熱巧克力。
  2. 我買的雜誌。我以往每月至少用$100來購買旅遊和時尚雜誌。等我目睹雜誌堆在我的小公寓長高高時,我決定是時候cutback。
  3. 我吃的糖果。幾年前,我變得更加注重健康,我開始吃中藥並意識到我吃太多的糖和垃圾食物。所以現在我只每月獎勵自己吃一小包餅乾或糖果。我的健康沒有任何戲劇性的變化,但是從長遠來看,這是一個好的開始。
我做這些cutback,我不知道實際節省的金額,但我認為這相當不錯的。在2013年,我決定加入10/20/30 a Week Savings,因為我的目標,我想多儲些錢。

為了使儲錢更有趣,我會每週存 $100 HKD到我的儲蓄賬戶,在銀行記錄上亂寫亂畫,張貼在這Blog及 Project 2013 裡。(當我的$100 是安全的在賬戶時。)我會每月更新一次,在年底時檢討。:D

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