Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{ Grateful Journal - Jan 23, 2013 }

{ Grateful Journal - Jan 23, 2013 }
  • Grateful for the nice sunny weather we're having.
  • Grateful for having a healthy body to be able to help others. I went to Red Cross for blood donation since I heard there is a shortage of blood due to the cool weather in HK. They gave me a pin for my blood type. :)
  • Grateful for the free illustration software that I found from the web. I cannot afford to buy a full version of CS6 and since I'm a pt student, I cannot get a student discount from Adobe. So I have problems finishing up my graphic design and advertising assignments. I spent hours on the web to look for similar softwares and came across Inkscape. I have only been using it for a few days but it works for me.  
  • Grateful for all the love and opportunity around us. Take Care :D
{ 感恩日誌 - Jan 23, 2013 }
  • 感恩: 陽光明媚的天氣。
  • 感恩: 有一個健康的身體,能夠幫助別人。我去紅十字會捐血,我聽說由於香港寒冷的天氣造成血液短缺。他們給我一個我血型的別針。
  • 感恩: 我從網絡上下載的免費插圖軟件。我買不起一個完整版本的CS6,因為我是一個Parttime學生,不能享有Adobe學生優惠。我花了大量的時間在網絡上尋找類似的軟件, 終於找到了 Inkscape
  • 感恩: 所有我們身邊的愛+機會。 :D

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