Thursday, October 31, 2013

{ Happy Mail Day! 哈哈哈收信日 - Oct 31, 2013 }

  1. A mini zine with poems by NorthernBorder for Itty Bitty Zine Swap #2.
  2. A mini zine that talks about Anne Martin by Bean for Itty Bitty Zine Swap #2.
  3. A mini zine that shows her lovely creations by Sunnyblueskies for Itty Bitty Zine Swap #2.
  4. A lovely pocket journal from Marie for Pocketsize Journal Swap.
  5. A Lovely collection of washi tape samples from digitalmaven.  
  6. Lovely zines from Ky for Itty Bitty Zine Swap #2.
  7. mini zine about faux postage by JaguarSnail for Oct: A Faux Postage Workbook.
  8. A lovely collection of washi tape sample from mzellesworld for Let's share our washi/masking tape swap.
  9. A zine about summer 2013 by IsadoraWing for This Summer I... swap. 
  10. A sample of washi tape from AliCrafter for Let's share our washi/masking tape swap.
Just look at all these wonderful letters I got from all over the world! Mr. C said he should start charging me fees for using our mail box so often! (I think he is just jealous that I got so many lovely mails :D ) Come join the fun of swapping at

P.S. I have opened a little shop, Astine Creation, at Big Cartel for the washi tapes I got recently. If you interested in getting some, please go have a look. This shop will focus more on paper goods such as zines, tapes, prints or digital goodies. :D I'm also considering setting up a listing for washi tape mini spool so more people will get to enjoy these beautiful tapes, if it is something you're interested, please let me know.

我從世界各地所收到這些可愛的信件和郵票! C先生前一天剛說,他應該開始收我郵箱費,因為我常常收到這麼多信件!我覺得他只是嫉妒這麼多人寄信給我:D)
快來加入swapping 的樂趣~~ swap-bot

P.S. 我開了一家小網店, Astine Creation,我把一些 MT ex 香港紙膠帶放在小店裡,如果你有興趣請去看看~~ 。這家商店將注重paper good 如zines, 紙膠帶, digital 的東西 :D

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