Tuesday, October 22, 2013

{ MT Ex Hong Kong ~ Masking Tape Haul Part 2 MT 紙膠帶開箱Part 2 }

{ MT Ex Hong Kong ~ Masking Tape Haul Part 2 MT 紙膠帶開箱Part 2}
I planned on writing this about a week ago, but Mr. C got really sick and came down with a fever. He went back to work on Monday but then I got sick about 2 days ago... -_-; Taking chinese medicine now and hoping it won't get worse... Decided to blog about them before I completely forgot. I was also thinking of doing a swap with some of the tapes. Will work out the details later on.
我打算大約一個星期前寫開箱Part 2 ,但C先生生病發燒。他星期一復原後回去上班,但我約2天前生病了... -_-; 現在要吃中藥,所以決定在我完全忘了前寫開箱Part 2。稍後(病好後...?)會辦紙膠帶文具(??)交換活動,定出細節後將在這裡發布。

  • MT ex ~ The Special Products of Hong Kong 香港名物
  • MT ex ~ The Night View of Hong Kong 夜景
  • MT ~ The Canton Language 廣東話.
  • MT ex ~ Crayon
  • MT ex ~ Gradation (The colours of this roll are really lovely! 這卷的顏色很可愛!)
  • MT ex ~ Animal Dot (I'm so in love with this when I first saw this on some Taiwanese bloggers' posts and got a few rolls at the exhibition  我愛上了這卷動物紙膠帶,第一次是在台灣博客文章看到,所以在HK展覽:買了2卷 :D)

  • MT ~ Lisa Larson Cat (I have this already but no harm in getting 1 more roll of masking tape with cats!!! 我已經有一卷這個, 但貓貓紙膠帶真的是我的大愛 ~  : ))
  • MT ~ Lisa Larson Elephant
  • MT kids ~ Work and People (This one is so cute! I did not plan to get this until I saw the wall panel full of tapes. 這太可愛了!我原本沒有計劃買這個直到我看到牆上貼滿的紙膠帶。)
  • MT ex ~ Colourful Pop (I don't know why, but this roll reminds me of summer festivals. 這卷有夏季節日的感覺?) 
  • MT ex ~ Ticket  (I love tickets!!)
  • MT ex ~ Recipe (The recipes on this roll look real! I may even try the recipes to make fruit tart one day! 食譜看起來很真實,有一天我會跟它嘗試製作水果撻!)
  • MT ex ~ Material (Craft Materials!)

  • MT ~ MT Slim (I use most of my slim tapes on my planners and journals. 我平時多用slim 的在手賬或 art journal上。)
  • MT ~ The last three masking tapes I got from the lucky draw. They don't come with any packaging so I have no clue what their names are. I just know that the last one with the vintage look is supposed to be some sort of limited edition?? Please comment if you know what these 3 are. Take Care :D 最後三卷紙膠帶從抽獎得來,我只知道,最後一卷復古的應該是某限量版?如果你知道這3卷是什麼,請留言告訴我。開箱寫完~~~ :D 


  1. 高野11:23 pm

    Hello. I've found your site searching for mt ex HK report. I'm glad to read your nice report --good many photos, detailed comments, wonderful Hong Kong Limited Edition tapes --I could know atmosphere in the hall just as if I had went there, thank you very much!

    As far as I know, from above, the last three masking tapes are each
    ・MT ~ stripe 若葉wakaba (unlimited) (discontinued)
    ・MT x UT Cver ~ (limited) (UNIQLO sold T-shirts in collaboration with MT in 2012 May, which were thrown in 3 types of limited MT)
    ・MT あたり(winning)・pattern ~ (limited-- getting only when we draw a winning ticket from capsule toy machine)

    Hope my English mistakes haven't put you off.....
    Hope you are feeling better soon! 

    1. Thanks for letting me know what they're called. I'm really happy that MT is setting up this type of exhibiton event in Hong Kong. I hope they're going to host more event in the future.