Saturday, October 12, 2013

{ MT Ex Hong Kong Special Edition Masking Tape! MT 香港特別版紙膠帶開箱 ~ Oct 12, 2013 }

I only managed to get a few for the MT ex Hong Kong Limited Edition masking tape.
  • MT ~ The Special Products of Hong Kong 香港名物
  • MT ~ TheNight View of Hong Kong 夜景
  • MT ~ The Canton Language 廣東話
I didnt' get to see what the Pink set and the Goldfish set looks like since they were already sold out on the first day... :( 金魚跟粉紅2套特別版第一天已經沒了!
  • MT ~ The Special Products of Hong Kong: Burce Lee! White dolphin, IFC, Buddha, Star Ferry, and many other special designs representing Hong Kong! 香港名物: 李小龍!,大嶼山大佛, 白海豚、天星小輪、等等
  • MT ~ The Night View of Hong Kong 夜景: This is one of that I love most among the three! 香港夜景 < 大愛!
  • MT ~ The Canton Language 廣東話.

They look so beautiful placed together! 這樣美!
I have a few of the other MT ex special editions, will post photos of them next week. I also bought a few extra for the Hong Kong special editions, the 3 above, if you're interested in getting them, please let me know in the comment section below. See you next week!
我有幾個其他MT特別版的,will post them next week。我也買了一些額外的香港版,上述3個的(2套特別版沒了!),如果你有興趣,請comment讓我知道。下週見!


  1. Hello! If you still have additional HK limited tapes, could you let me know please?
    Email: rotten.apples [at] gmail


    1. Yes, I still have some left. Please go to this little shop Astine Creation