Saturday, October 12, 2013

{ MT ex Hong Kong Photos MT紙膠帶香港展現場! ~ Oct 11, 2013 }

The MT ex Hong Kong exhibition occupies a very small section of the Eslite bookstore on the 9th floor of the plaza. The ceiling and the floor is decorated with MT masking tapes of various colours. It is rather lovely. :)
I waited for at least 2 hours to get into this small section! 2 hours!! My gosh! You can tell from the photos that there are tons of people there!
我等了至少2個小時進入MT ex 內! 2個小時!!天哪!
A small wall panel is covered with beautiful masking tapes! Many of them are from special MT ex editions from Japan. I managed to buy some of these here since they're not usually available at other local stores.
牆板上覆蓋著美麗的紙膠帶!許多是從日本來的特殊MT ex 版, 我終於如願買了幾捲。
There are a table of masking tapes available for people to try and play with like in other MT ex exhibitons overseas. I'm DISAPPOINTED at some of the local HK/Mandarin speaking people there. These tapes are meant for people to play and try their hands with masking tapes, but almost 99% of the people gathering around the table are so so greedy! They just wrapped these tapes layers after layers around the MT DMs . I understand that these masking tapes are not exactly cheap, but people can always ask their friends to share and exchange the tapes with others. Do they even appreciate these beautiful tapes?
Then I have to wait for another 30-45 minutes to check out. I think the Eslite and the MT officials under estimated the number of people interested in these special edition tapes.  I went there around 11:35 am, just 1 1/2 hour after the bookstore is open, by the time I went to check out, 2 sets of the special edition tapes are gone already. I did not even get to see what they look like in real life...
有1桌子放滿紙膠帶供人們發揮創造力嘗試 MT, 像 MT在其他海外展覽。我對一些香港本地人/說普通話的人失望。幾乎99%在桌子旁的人在做分裝 ,我了解,這些膠帶並不便宜,但可以跟朋友一起買/交換。要這麼貪心?
然後,我等了30-45分鐘付款。我覺得誠品和MT的人員低估對這些特別版感興趣的人數。我上午11時35分左右到了書店,(誠品10開店) 我去付款時,2套特別版已經沒了。這是展覽第一天哪! 我什至沒能看到2套特別版的樣子...

I will post photos of the masking tapes I got later on tonight after my night class. :D
今晚會post 的紙膠帶照片 :D

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