Wednesday, February 05, 2014

{ Freebie ~ Valentine's Day Journal Card 情人節日記卡 }

{ Freebie ~ Valentine's Day Journal Card 情人節日記卡 }
Have you heard of Project Life? I have heard about it for a few years but don't think they are available in Hong Kong and it costs a lot to ship to HK... :( .So finally decided to make some of the journal cards on my own.  The ones in the photos are meant to show what they can be used and some of them are different from the download ones. I'm going to use them as a mini VDay cards and or VDay journal cards. Please note that these are designed as a 3" x 4" format. I have included printing instruction on the pdf. Click to download. Enjoy! Personal use only!
你聽說過 Project Life?在美國很流行,我已經聽過它好幾年了,但沒有人在香港賣(另外運費昂貴...) :( 所以最後決定自己做一些情人節日記卡,請注意,照片是為了顯示他們可以什麼使用,和下載的是有些不同。我會用它們作為一個小型情人節日記卡或卡片。這些日記卡設計為3" × 4"格式。我已經在PDF寫下打印資料。僅供個人使用,點擊下載

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