Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{ What I MAde ~ Watercolor Kit #2 }

{ What I MAde ~ Watercolor Kit #2 }
The watercolor kit I mentioned in previous post. I used tube watercolor, empty plastic containers and a metal cigar box to make this kit. I need to be able take out the individual watercolor container out of the metal box, so at first I used double-sided tape and magnetic sheet to stick them together. After that failed, I used hot glue to attach the magnetic sheet. Then it failed as well. At the end I decided to just use glue tack without the magnetic sheet. It works perfectly! I label each individual container with a layer of washi tape and then a layer of plastic tape to protect it against water. (It is a watercolor kit afterall...) Now I can take my watercolor kit out more often and play :D

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