Tuesday, June 02, 2009

{ Happy Tuesday ♥ }

  1. My goal list for Show us your goals in life =] hosted by KatlynAva
  2. Inchie for Beginners Inchie Swap #2 hosted by dreamgrlsd
    I have also joined The Amelie Movie Swap, Cupcakes ATC Swap, Mini-'zine swap #5 (June), Tarot card, Psychic, Magic inspired ATC!!, SpongeBob Squarepants ATC, Newbies Brooch Swap! All of these swaps can be found on Swap-bot. I am especially excited about the Amelie Swap. So looking forward to it. :)
  3. I'm happy to report that all my finals for the term are over! Going to start a list of things to do in the summer. :3
Mini zine Apr 09'
The art journal mini zine I made for the Mini-'zine swap #3 (April) hosted by Zoey1440. I thought this would be easy since I have worked on school newsletter before, but turned out that I have forgotten mostly about leaving enough margin to photocopy my mockup. After I have adjusted that, I wasn't thrilled about the quality of the colorcopyies. So I decided I would do this by hand. It took a relatively long time to finish.
Planning on my next one in June. --- What topic should I pick?

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  1. Oh, I'm not sure what topic to suggest, but I just wanted to say your zines look fabulous! And I love the way your goal list came out!!