Tuesday, July 14, 2009

{ Happy Tuesday ♥ }

from left to right
  1. Yummy wudong for a simply weekend meal.
  2. A Mini-book I made for Summer 09'.
  3. A mini-postcard made for my mini-zine partners. I glued a candy label onto a journal page and posed Mr. Pink Elephant & Ms. Blue Whale for the photo. They're a very cute couple. :)
  4. The Chinese translation for Keri Smith 's How to be an Explorer of the World. I was so thrilled when I found this in the bookstore and have to grab it!
  5. An adorable rabbit brooch made by my swap partner.
  6. Moonlit walk on the beach. ♥
  7. Doulos Book Boat
  8. Doulos Book Boat - I love mechanical parts!

P.S. Keri's This is not a book is coming out!

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