Wednesday, July 08, 2009

{ Late Happy Tuesday ♥ }

from left to right:

  1. ATC's of the World #7: England - The ATCs have to be related to England, so I made a Yellow Submarine & a Queen ATCs with felt British flags as covers.
  2. SpongeBob Squarepants ATC Series: SpongeBob - Spongebob is the only character that I like on the show while I first watched it back in Canada. The ATCs show Spongebob staring in Star Trek. :P
  3. Cupcake ATC swap - I made 2 cupcake ATCs with felt and added an extra cupcake brooch for my swap partner.
  4. Newbies Brooch Swap! - I made an elephant and a bird brooch for my 2 swap partners. The cupcake brooch is for my ATC swap.

I will post more swap images once my partners have received them.

I intend to keep up with the blog post schedule but have been sick and have recently started my PMP and Japanese courses. Getting my PMP profession and learning foreign languages have been on my goal list for a while though I have to wait till summer school break to fit these 2 in since it is difficult to fit class time in with my regular work & arch studies during norma school semester. Sometimes I do feel like taking a mental break but since I started late I always feel the urge to go the extra miles to catch up...

P.S. I have joined a group blog called The Creative Blog, check it out. :)

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