Thursday, November 26, 2009

{ Happiness & Material Possession }

I always tell myself that true happiness should only come from within. From things that I do and from loving myself and others, yet I still feel the guilty pleasure when I get my hands on darling gadgets & adorable paper goods.

from left to right

  1. A darling little mp3 player ,YP-U5 QL by Samsung. I already have a small Ipod shuffle but was looking for a voice recorder to record presentations and lectures. So I looked up several models and got this little guy. The voice recording function is not as powerful as a professional voice recorder but it does the job. It comes with 2 GB memory and a direct USB connection that makes loading & charging easier. Other features include: Fitness mode (calories calculation, daily goal record for 8 physical exercises. I don't think the calories calculation is very acturate but that is ok for me.), FM radio, Popcorn (let you create & name a character, like avatar, for the player > note the bear on the mp3 player screen :3) & a Study mode. I only got this for a few weeks but am happy with the performance so far and it is only $360 HK dollars (around $50 US)! Love a bargain! :)
  2. Carrie Chau x Octopus card. I mentioned her art exhibition before here. I love her style & creation but didn't purchase any of her works since I'm saving up money for future studies. So when this came out I thought it would probably be the only thing that I'm going to get created by her & I LOVE it! I'm thinking of using the packaging to make a mini journal and earrings?! Will see how that goes.
  3. Notebook pack by Chocolate Rain & HK Post. Just adorable paper goods. I placed an order for it and will get it in December.

I really don't want to admit it but sometimes money does buy happiness.

p.s. I wrote this post on Tuesday but forgot about it until today...

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