Friday, October 22, 2010

{ Art & Life zine by Teesha Moore - Oct 22, 10' }

I absolutely love Teesha Moore & her work. I have even made a travel journal for my Shanghai trip based on her videos so I'm very happy when the shippment arrived from the States full of goodies I ordered from her. I opened the envelope to find a beautiful Art & life zine and high quailty collage sheets inside and they added a postcard, 2 buttons, and 3 rubber stamps as gifts!!! OMG! It was like an early Christmas!
Thank you thank you!
I especially love the buttons and the rubber stamps. One of the stamps says "embrace imperfection", I will stamp this onto my agenda to remind myself that it is ok not to have everything done and it is ok to relax once in a while. :)  I ordered the zine with a lot of expectations (well it is by Teesha Moore! ) but still a little bit hesitant since I really don't know what the zine is going to be about. So I'm going to post the table of contents of Art & life 8 here if you have always been thinking about ordering one too.
(Please note that the contributers may not going to be the same for other issues.)
  •  Letter from the editor
  • Tiphoni' s journal
  • Hip Art Studios
  • Artists Block
  • Soap Making
  • Anahata Katkin (♥)
  • Maxine's Floral & Gift
  • Tracy V. Moore
  • How The I-Max Stole My Heart by Joyce Baldwin (I don't really understand why this articles is in the zine... )
  • Pam Garrison (♥)
  • Juliana Bollini
  • Mary Stanley & Lynne Perrella (♥)
  • Starting My Second Life (♥)
  • Kelly Buntin Johnson
  • They Mystery Play Inside You by Theo Ellsworth (♥ I so wish he could publish the notes for his class! )
  • I left my heart in San Francisco by Dawn Sokol
  • Poemcrazy Reviews by Jill Jones and Diana Trout
  • Good Books
  • Group Art Collaboratives
  • La Marelle
  • Online Journaling Class by Dawn Sokol
I love the zine and hope that the above Tof C will help to give you some ideas of how wonderful the zine is.

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