Monday, October 18, 2010

{ Wreck This Journal --> Oct 18, 10' }

  • Write one word over and over. > My word is Determined.
  • Glue random items here. > I keep a collection of little bits of things and now I finally get a chance to stick some of them here. :)
  • Color outside the lines. >  I keep drawing and drawing mindlessly on this page.
  • Test page. > A page for using my color markers.
  • Poke holes in this page using a pencil. > I poked holes on this page and then think of ways of use it then decided to use the holes as eyes for all these funny faces.
  • Make a paper chain. > I First color the page, then journal on them about my birthday on the 16th. (Yeah! :D ) then cut them up into small strips to make a long chain to hang on my window and a short one for the journal.
  • First I have to admit, I choose the entries randomly but I do skip on the ones that I cannot do when I don't have the resources or just don't feel like doing. Then I do tend to stick to certain types of art supplies and colours when working on these pages. Meaning that I'm still in the "Safe Zone" --> something that I would like to break away as a I work more with this journal.

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  1. this journal is pretty amazzzziiiing! And your works are soo cute, too!