Friday, October 08, 2010

{ Leather Craft 1 - Oct 2010 }

Since Mr. C is back from Canada with our lovely digital camera, I can finally take and post photos of things that I have made recently. :)
Things that I have made for the Leather craft intro class:
  1. a leather bracelet
  2. a mini coin bag (It is not finished yet. I need to smooth out the edges, dye the leather and then stitch it up.)
  3. a key holder that I'm using (I like to make things that I can use rather than only being decorative.)
  4. an agenda cover that I made on my own using scraps.
  5. a kitty cat key pouch. (The instructor made a beetle one but I don't like it so decided to make a kitty one that I will use one day.)
I'm going to go get leather tomorrow for our final class project, a leather bag!! I still have to decide what kinda bag I would like to make.
I enjoy making little things like these and have registered for the upcoming Leather craft lvl 2 class.
P.S. I've created another blog on Tumblr for Zakka called
I ♥ Zakka. :)

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