Friday, April 20, 2012

{ Art Journal & RAK - Apr 20, 2012 }

  • I was cleaning up the apartment to prepare for the move and came across an A4 size half done art journal . Since I needed to make some pages for my Lifebook, I decided to cut it into two pages and put a few stickers onto them. The pages are way too thin and watercolor is bleeding through so I used the backing of the stickers as a back for the pages. The page with the kitty cat sticker will be part of the Lifebook for the Week In The Life 2012. The "Fly away" one will go into another creative project.
  • I came across the RAK, Random Act of Kindness, idea on Swap-bot. Being addicted to making zines, I decided to incorporate RAK into a mini-zine/journal. The above is the 1st sheet. I'm going to bring it with me to record the random acts of kindness all around. If it works, I will post the sheet here for download.
  • Oh! The Fill it #3 swap is  going on, there is still time to sign up! Come play with us :)
  • 30 Day Journal Challenge on Swap-bot
  • RAK on Swap-bot


  1. The mini RAK journal is such a great idea! I love how you started it off so far. Great work!

  2. What a super idea! It is a lovely format. I can just picture how fun the finished piece will be!